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Just to let you all know that although korfball has finished at South Cheshire College for 2013, there is still one more session left at Malbank! In a change to our usual slot, Monday’s training will be 7.30-8.30pm in the hall (we’ve had to change it as Malbank are closing early and that’s actually the latest we can get!)

For 2014 the first session will be TUESDAY 7th JANUARY 8.15-9.45pm at Malbank, and this should continue to be our “normal” slot from then on. For juniors the 6.30-7.30pm session will still run at South Cheshire College. Although the session can’t officially start until 8.15 if everyone gets there for 8, we can start as soon as the earlier booking finishes.

Wishing you all a Merry Korfmass and Happy New Year (and hope to see lots of you on Monday!)

Exciting times ahead as club expands!

Well… we’ve always been called Crewe AND Nantwich Korfball Club, and now we’re getting out and about into both towns to reach out to as many locals as possible!


From Monday 4th November 2013, in addition to our training sessions at South Cheshire College (Crewe), we will be running taster/beginner sessions at Malbank School, Nantwich. Initially these sessions will unfortunately be adult only (14years +) as they take place 8.45-9.45pm, however in the long term we would love to expand to include juniors too!


To take part, come along to a session, either Monday or Tuesday night, get your first few sessions for free, and just give it a go! You don’t need any specialist equipment, or prior knowledge of the sport.

AGM 16th July 2013

Thank you to Rob, Ant, Sarah, Lucy and Peter, all of whom took part in the AGM last night. James chaired the meeting and I took minutes – I’ll have these uploaded as soon as I’ve typed them up.

We discussed recruitment and the club’s future mainly and have some exciting new ideas to try out.. watch this space!

AGM Reports and Notification

All members should have previously received notification that this year’s AGM will be taking place during training next week. As promised here are some of the reports in advance to save time on the day.

If anyone wishes to stand for any of the vacant positions, the descriptions can be found elsewhere on the website or, just ask the current committee. Current positions are:

Chair – James Falvey Chair’s Report

Secretary/Development/Coach – Eleanor Hopkins Secretary, Development and Coaching Report

Child Protection/Safeguarding – Lucy Jerome CPO’s Report

Treasurer – Rob Barlow

Tournaments/Flyers Manager – Lee Wood

Express Manager – Ant Hayes Express Report

Further Training Updates

Training is back to normal at South Cheshire College from next week (Tuesday 14th August) and will remain this way until we next take a break (Christmas).

On a side note if anyone is interested in an extra training session next week, Castle Korfball Club are having some guests at their Wednesday night session and have kindly invited any Crewe players to join them for free. Radio Stoke presenters will be giving Korfball a go, and then putting together a sound bite or segment on the experience so it would be good to get as many friendly faces there as possible. Training is 8-10 at Keele University Sports Centre (the wooden-floored hall)

See you all at training! 😀

Training Updates

Well played to everyone at last week’s training-a really good session in which everyone showed improvement in several areas of attack and defence and a close game to finish!

I’ve just had word from South Cheshire that they are closing next week for their summer break so training will not be held. It will resume at SCC on 14th August for both adults and juniors. In the meantime we’re currently looking to secure an alternative venue. Please check your emails and the website for an update as soon as it becomes available!

AGM 12th June 2012 7.30pm at South Cheshire College

Just (another) reminder!


The AGM will take place at training this year to ensure maximum attendance. Please find relevant documentation here that you should have received by email. If you have any queries or questions please contact either James or any other member of the current Executive Committee for further information.

If you want to stand for any posts, please contact James to express your interest!

Manchester Mini League Update (Round 2)

Sunday 13th May saw our second trip up to Sale Leisure Centre for a late start, and an even later finish!


The first match was the SaCKA derby against Castle. Captain James chose divisions, putting himself with Lee, Sarah and Sophie and Julia, Michela, Dave and Kev making up the other division. Castle split themselves with Tom, Ben (Weeman), Emily and Marie against James’ division and Dave Webb, Mike, Christine and Eleanor (traitor) against Kev’s.

The game seemed to fly by, despite Castle’s team talk before the starting whistle seeming to suggest they would have an easy time of it, the play was tough, evenly matched and certainly not easy! Plenty of shots went in from all directions but the final scoreline didn’t reflect either this, or the game in general – being 9 – 3 to Castle. (would have been 5 – 3 without the traitor!)


The second match against a Manchester City side looked to be a very tough one on paper. They had some serious experience- especially the boys. Depsite this, we pulled our own game up and played very well. Unfortunately in the end, the experience showed through and the final scoreline was 17-8. Special mention to Kev for being a demon in attack and defence (he seemed to cover the entire court), to Dale for playing well against some tough physical opposition and to Julia for pretending to hurt her finger to come off for a rest after 5 minutes of playing! Divisions were Lee, Dave, Michela and Eleanor/Julia, and Kev, Dale, Sarah and Sophie.

Well played all who took part, with some good results (certainly made both Castle and Manchester City work very hard for their goals), hopefully more to come in a fortnight!

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